Saturday, April 30, 2011


i've got some donations from my mom for sale!  and there are more coming, too!

booties! size "elf."  :)  probably small.  hand made by my mom.  cotton material.  lightweight, like slippers.  $10.00.

stuffed doggies.  hand made by mom.  buy as a pair or separately.  $40.00 for pair, or $25.00 each.

beautiful size 2 little girl's summer dress.  cotton.  made by mom.  $15.00.

thanks for looking and remember, it's all to help us bring ben home.  we also have a "chipin" for donations at:
Chip In for Ben.  purchases are first come, first serve, please.  if you really want one that is sold quickly, i will ask my mom if she will make more.  thanks!!!

april 30, 2011

awarding the free tutu to my friend, wendy!  thanks, wendy!  figuring out how to complete that transaction now. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


my friend, trish kry, makes these fabulous tutus and is willing to donate one for our good cause:  to bring ben home!!!!  :)

i was going to have an auction, but apparently online auctions are not legal in VA.  so, i guess just sell it?  not sure how to do this, but just going to post about it and give it a try!

here are the rules:
"The customer can choose between a pettiskirt or a custom baby or child tutu. The customer chooses the color combination, up to two colors. Styles available are short, single or double layer. I will pay shipping."

a few photos are here on my blog, but there is so much more to see at trish's blog!  go look!!!:

a huge thank you to trish for this very generous donation!!!! 

and don't forget about our new "CHIP IN!"  whatever you want to share, however much you feel moved to donate - we appreciate it all.  thank you!!!  :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

april 16, 2011

it's official!  we have a new son!!!

so, now it's two days later and i'm finally getting back to this post!  wow, took a long time to get those kids to bed!  hahahahaha!

our LOA is back in colorado this morning as i write this.  we filled out our paperwork, signed everything, compiled our documents, made copies and sent it all back.  our I-800 will be filed on monday and our official countdown to "11 to 15 weeks to china" will start!!!

now to clean up the house and throw everything out to make room!

we have about $2500.00 left to raise.  we think jim's job will give us an adoption benefit, but maybe not until after the adoption is complete.  that will be a great benefit!!  we are also waiting on the rest of our tax return (the dreaded Adoption Tax Credit).  yesterday, jim faxed IRS 42 pages of receipts and documents "proving" our adoption expenses for grant in 2007.  hoping this will be enough to satisfy them.  :)

and i have to say something about the incredible kindness of a couple who visited our UU congregation last weekend.  they are adoptive parents and heard about our story while visiting.  without even knowing us, they handed us a check to help us reach our goal!  incredible, amazing people.  and from our hearts, we can't thank you enough.   we are overwhelmed with love from this wonderful group.  thank you.

next, i don't know.  this part of the process is new to us.  i've got to figure out what happens now!  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

LOA!!! LOA!!! LOA!!!

in 11 to 15 weeks, we will be IN CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more later after kids are in bed!!!!