Thursday, August 11, 2011

august 11, 2011

and yesterday, on her 6th anniversary, hayden FINALLY pulled out a tooth!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!  now, if she can get the other very loose bottom baby tooth out before her appt with the dentist to pull it out in three weeks, she could save me a bunch of money!  :)  she doesn't like to wiggle them because "it hurts!"  i told her she would have to have them pulled then, because the two adult teeth that would like to move in there are already fully erupted behind the baby teeth, just waiting.  she said, "fine.  will they use that happy gas?  i like the happy gas."  can't win for losing.  just wiggle your damned teeth, kid!

and some gratuitous photos of ben, because i said i would.


tlcmurphy said...

Hayden sounds like Meghan, who ran out of the dentist's offices when he said he had to pull a very loose tooth. Madelyn had to have a molar dug out and made less of a scene. I'm told they all come out eventually :-) M2 knocked one out with a basketball today :-(
(And I love the gratuitous Ben photos! How about some gratuitous family photos?)

Betsy said...

just checked the blog. don't know where I've been. as always, love your updates. waiting to hear about "meet the teacher."