Thursday, March 22, 2012

march 22, 2012

i'm not updating this blog much any more because ben is now home and an important part of the family.  if you want entry to the private, password protected family blog, email me at and if i know you, i will send you an invite!  :)

things have been hard the past few weeks, tense and worrisome.  ben is being tested for a variety of medical issues.  he has been having some trouble with his blood work since before we brought him home.  he's a complex little guy!  we went to UVa a few weeks ago to see the pediatric hematologist and were sent home with a new appointment.  they want to involve peds genetics and do extensive testing.  some of the stuff they will be testing for:  alpha thalassemia minor (this is pretty much confirmed, so they might wait on this one), leukemia, a bunch of genetics stuff, yet to be determined, and the most frightening, fanconi anemia. 

keep us in your thoughts, meditations, prayers, please.  we knew the potential for this situation existed even before we brought him home.  we are doubly grateful that he is here and loved.  i could not imagine him being in the SWI with one of these ugly medical conditions...  what would his outcome be in that situation?  it's very hard, but better that he is home than still in the SWI.  an institution is not a family.

you can help us with every coffee purchase.  i know it's a bit more expensive than what you can get in the store, but it is fair trade and ethically produced stuff that benefits more people than you can count on one hand.  each purchase gives back to the earth, to the farmer, to the community, to children in orphanages in ethiopia, and to us directly.  i love this coffee for all it stands for, not to mention, it's great coffee!! 

thanks for reading and thanks for your support!  :)
chef benjamin hard at work in the kitchen!  :)

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