Tuesday, July 19, 2011

july 20, 2011

in hong kong, again!  getting a lot closer to home.  :)  lovely soft bed here in marriot sky city, but i couldn't sleep last night.  :(  an excellent breakfast - costly: $425.00!!  well, HK$$...  about 60 bucks US for the three of us, so still quite expensive, but unbelievable!!  anything you want to eat, almost anything.  even making fresh noodle soup right before your eyes.  lovely stuff.  beautiful room, too.  still ready to come home, though!!!!  :)

late check out at 2 pm, then off to the airport to wait around for 4 hours before flying home.  had our last skype with the children today and the next time we see or speak to them, it will be IN PERSON!!  :)  they are very excited to have us coming home and can't wait to meet ben.  they all want to touch him.  so funny!!  i guess they want to be sure he is real.  :)

last trip to the white swan playroom

red couch photos

not a happy boy...

sound asleep!!

present guides: kathy and jocelyn

past guide (multiple times!): maggie!  she chose a middle name for olivia.

our plane, in guangzhou

out the window of our hotel in hong kong.

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Ruth and John said...

Looking good! And by now, the trip home is all a dream . . . well, maybe, sort of. Wicked cunning boy you got there!