Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july 26, 2011

tried to post yesterday, but blogger was having none of it.  seems better today, so far.

while at hong kong airport on the way home, ben made a new friend, olivia! - look at her little hand!!  what a coincidence!!  they were thrilled to have found each other.  well, she was glad to have found him...  :)

finally discovering solid food!  what a great soup.  made right there before our eyes in the airport.  cost was 58 yuan for two bowls of soup - about $9 USD, probably the cheapest thing in the airport!!  and very very good, too.

on the plane for the long ride home from hong kong...

 an example of "old, fat and tired."

they look remarkably peaceful!

 captain says, shut that thing off...

a small part of hong kong airport and the wing of our plane (it stayed attached the entire flight!)

look at the mountains in the background...  hong kong is so beautiful, despite the huge plane in the foreground...

first meal as an american citizen!!  and he's eating off the table like the rest of us do!  hahahaha!!


Betsy said...

love the mountain shots of hong kong. looks like jim and yuan held up a lot better than mother did. so glad you are home!

Betsy said...

oh, yes......what a sweet photo of olivia and yuan.

Ellie said...

Welcome home to Virginia, Ralph, Jim, and Ben. Can't wait to see the new young man - so cute in his Virginia t-shirt!

Sending loads of Blessings your way, for your whole new family constellation! Time for rest and recuperation!

Ellie from UUBRidge

NeuroMama said...

Oh, crud! I missed your entire adventure. Congratulations on your adorable new son. I will have to find some time to go back and read all about it. It's much more fun to follow along in real time though. Bummer.

A belated welcome home!